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'Democratic socialists' Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, and Tlaib prefer socialism to democracy

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 12:59

“Democratic socialism” turned out to be a chimera, and today’s “democratic socialists,” care more for socialism than democracy.

US shrugs as North Korea demands Pompeo exit talks

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 12:43

Donald Trump has said he's in love with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea on Thursday demanded that the United States remove the secretary of state from future negotiations after Pompeo apparently encouraged Trump to stand firm and walk away from a summit with Kim in Hanoi in February. The State Department offered a low-key initial response, with a spokesman saying the United States "remains ready to engage North Korea in a constructive negotiation" but not commenting directly.

Pilots Say American Airlines Plane Rolled on Its Own and Hit a Sign During Takeoff

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 11:52

American Airlines pilots flying an Airbus A321 say it banked on its own during takeoff, causing a strike to the plane's left wing. The incident is now under investigation.

Samsung Galaxy Folds are already breaking, proving Apple is right to wait for a foldable iPhone

Macworld - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 11:43

Instead of a press release filled with glowing reviews and flowery superlatives, Samsung is doing a bit of damage control the week before its next-generation Galaxy Fold is due to hit stores. As it turns out, the $2,000 device might not be ready for prime time, as numerous early reviewers posted pics and videos of their devices in various stages of ruin.

In some cases, the screen protector was accidentally removed, creating issues with the polymer display. But many of the problems were issues that appeared to be quality control related, an embarrassing problem for a phone that’s being touted as the next big thing. And that’s not to mention the crease, bulkiness, or buggy software.

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In his report, Mueller invites Congress to investigate Trump obstruction

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 11:24

The special counsel says "Congress has the authority to prohibit a president's corrupt use of his authority."

Sporadic violence as millions vote in second phase of India's mammoth election

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 11:24

The Election Commission said 66 percent of more than 155 million eligible Indians had voted, as per provisional data, in 95 constituencies in 12 states. Results of the election to India's 545-member parliament are expected on May 23. In focus are the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, where the main opposition Congress party and its allies need to win big if they hope to stop Prime Minister Narendra Modi from securing a second straight term.

Amber Alert issued for 15-year-old girl last seen with mother wanted for Carson murder

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 10:45

MISSING GIRL: Authorities are looking for a 15-year-old girl who was last seen with her mother and another man who are wanted suspects in a Southern California murder investigation.

India holds new vote amid violence and protests

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 10:42

Millions of voters across India cast ballots in the second round of the world's biggest election Thursday amid violence and protests that highlighted the intensity of animosity in the campaign. With more than a month to go before the marathon ends, Prime Minister Narendra Modi kept up a punishing schedule of rallies as he seeks a second term, while opposition leader Rahul Gandhi maintained attacks on the right wing Hindu nationalist government. Voting went ahead in 95 of India's 543 constituencies, most of it peacefully, but with noticeable blackspots.

McDonald's pulls Signature Crafted burgers, doubles down on Quarter Pounders

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 10:36

McDonald's Corp said it would remove costlier, premium burgers from its menus in favor of its more popular Quarter Pounders, shifting its focus to simpler and quickly-served burgers. The company said its new deluxe and bacon Quarter Pounders received good feedback and it would continue to focus on such items. "It (the removal) probably has more to do about the process of cooking the burger in McDonald's than it does what the consumer is saying about the food," said Howard Penney, a managing director at Hedgeye Risk Management.

As Samsung’s Galaxy Fold implodes, the foldable Mate X is looking better and better

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 09:26

It's a good thing Samsung decided to unveil its foldable Galaxy Fold smartphone at a standalone press conference ahead of Mobile World Congress back in February. Phones with folding screens are all pretty new and exciting right now, but one of Samsung's biggest rivals unveiled its take on the folding form factor and blew the Galaxy Fold out of the water in the process. Had both new handsets been announced at MWC 2019, the comparisons would have undoubtedly been even worse for Samsung.Samsung made a number of questionable design choices with its first folding smartphone. From a taste perspective, the biggest question is whether the tiny outer screen with huge bezels, the gap when the device is folded closed, or the massive corner notch on the large inner display is the most offensive aspect of the phone's design. But the biggest issue with the new Galaxy Fold might not be the design, but rather the execution.By now you've undoubtedly seen all the commotion surrounding the early Galaxy Fold review units Samsung sent out. In a nutshell, bloggers are having all sorts of problems with the screen on the Galaxy Fold. Considering the $2,000 phone's biggest selling point is its folding screen, this is obviously a disaster.The biggest issues seems to stem from a misunderstanding resulting from poor packaging and communication on Samsung's part. Many Android phones ship with pre-applied screen protectors and it appeared as though that was the case with the Galaxy Fold. As it turns out, that plastic layer was actually part of the screen, so when reviewers removed it their phones began to malfunction. It's always nice when part of your $2,000 phone's screen can be peeled away with ease...Separately, other reviewers seem to have found that the screen on the Galaxy Fold malfunctions even when that cheap plasticky film isn't removed. You'll find a small sampling of tweets below with examples of both situations.https://twitter.com/markgurman/status/1118574467255418880https://twitter.com/CaseyNewton/status/1118586169141293056https://twitter.com/robotodd/status/1118845740116320257https://twitter.com/MKBHD/status/1118580472576118787Here is Samsung's response to the fiasco:> A limited number of early Galaxy Fold samples were provided to media for review. We have received a few reports regarding the main display on the samples provided. We will thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the matter.> > Separately, a few reviewers reported having removed the top layer of the display causing damage to the screen. The main display on the Galaxy Fold features a top protective layer, which is part of the display structure designed to protect the screen from unintended scratches. Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main display may cause damage. We will ensure this information is clearly delivered to our customers.It's unclear how "limited" that "limited number" is, but a quick search only yielded two or three bloggers who aren't complaining about display issues with their Galaxy Fold review units. Ouch.I was on vacation while all this went down, so I've been catching up on it along with everyone else. As it so happens, I also came across a video this morning that people interested in the Galaxy Fold should probably check out:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj0eR09MqPMThis is one of the first and most in-depth videos I've seen of the upcoming new Huawei Mate X. That's right, the Huawei phone that outshined Samsung's Galaxy Fold last quarter is looking even better now in light of all these issues we're seeing with Galaxy Fold review units. The Mate X is set to be released this coming June, and it'll cost about $600 more than the Galaxy Fold. If you're an early adopter willing to spend $2,000 on a foldable smartphone though, you might as well wait and spend $2,600 on a phone with a vastly superior design that might night break two days after you start using it.

How Pete Buttigieg handled anti-gay protesters shouting about Sodom and Gomorrah at Iowa rally

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 09:24

"The good news is, the condition of my soul is in the hands of God, but the Iowa caucuses are up to you," Buttigieg responded, pointing at the crowd.

Barnes & Noble offers free downloadable copy of the Mueller Report upon release

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 09:13

Nook e-reader customers can pre-order "The Mueller Report" and have it downloaded upon release of the report Thursday.

Here's What's Open and Closed on Easter 2019

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 09:05

Wondering where to get eggs on Easter Sunday 2019? Don't worry, we know!

Pelosi, Schumer Call on Mueller to Testify Publicly Over ‘Partisan’ Handling of Mueller Report

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 09:02

The Democratic leaders in the House and Senate called Thursday for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify publicly before Congress in response to what they called Attorney General William Barr's "regrettably partisan handling" of Mueller's final report on the Russia investigation.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer requested in a joint statement that the special counsel testify to both chambers "as soon as possible."“Attorney General Barr’s regrettably partisan handling of the Mueller report, including his slanted March 24th summary letter, his irresponsible testimony before Congress last week, and his indefensible plan to spin the report in a press conference later this morning — hours before he allows the public or Congress to see it — have resulted in a crisis of confidence in his independence and impartiality,” Schumer and Pelosi said.“We believe the only way to begin restoring public trust in the handling of the Special Counsel’s investigation is for Special Counsel Mueller himself to provide public testimony in the House and Senate as soon as possible. The American people deserve to hear the truth.”Barr is scheduled to give a press conference later Thursday morning just before he submits a redacted version of the report to lawmakers, after which it will be released to the public through the special counsel's website.Earlier this month, Barr described in testimony to a House Appropriations subcommittee the four categories of information in Mueller’s final report that will be redacted. The Justice Department will redact grand-jury information, information that would reveal intelligence sources and methods, information that affects the privacy of “peripheral players” not charged as a result of the investigation, and information that would compromise ongoing prosecutions, Barr said.The attorney general in March submitted a four-page outline to Congress of the almost 400-page report’s conclusions, stating that Mueller had found no collusion between the Trump team and the Kremlin but that the special counsel left open the question of whether the president had obstructed justice during the investigation. Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein concluded there was not enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction.Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the Democratic leaders had called on Attorney General William Barr, instead of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, to testify before Congress.

iOS 13 rumors, Apple and Qualcomm, how to disable Live Photos, and your hot takes

Macworld - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 09:00

In the latest episode of the Macworld Podcast, we talk about the Apple and Qualcomm court settlement, iOS 13 rumors, Disney+, and more. What companies should Apple buy? We talk about that in our feature discussion. Plus, Leif has a two-minute tip, and we wrap up the show with your hot takes from the Macworld Twitter and Facebook feeds.

This is episode 647 of the Macworld Podcast with Leif JohnsonRoman Loyola, and Michael Simon.

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2020 Hyundai Venue Preview

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 08:42

2020 Hyundai Venue Crossover Packs Versatility and Tech Into Tiny Package It’s fitting that Hyundai took the wraps off the tiny Venue SUV at the New York International Auto Show, because it’s sm...

Opioid crisis: US doctors accused of trading prescriptions for sex and cash in major scandal

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 08:25

Scores of medical professionals across seven states were charged by federal prosecutors on Wednesday with schemes to illegally distribute millions of pain pills — in some cases exchanging opioid prescriptions for sex, in others for cash with an added “concierge fee”, and in one case routinely prescribing opioids to friends on Facebook.Officials called the case the “single largest prescription opioid law enforcement operation in history”.The indictments, unsealed in federal court in Cincinnati on Wednesday, accuse 60 people, including 31 doctors, seven pharmacists and eight nurses of involvement in the schemes, which included opioid prescriptions issued for gratuitous medical procedures like unnecessary tooth-pulling.In some cases doctors simply handed out signed blank prescription forms.“These cases involve approximately 350,000 opioid prescriptions and more than 32 million pills — the equivalent of a dose of opioids for every man, woman and child across the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and West Virginia combined,” Brian Benczkowski, an assistant attorney general in charge of the Justice Department’s criminal division, said at a news conference.Most of the charges were filed against people in those five states; one person was charged in Pennsylvania and one in Louisiana.Nationally, more than 70,000 deaths in 2017 were attributed to drug overdoses, with about one-quarter of them caused by prescription opioids.States wholly or partly in Appalachia recorded some of the highest rates of drug overdose deaths that year: West Virginia was first in the nation, Ohio second and Kentucky fifth.“The opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug crisis in American history, and Appalachia has suffered the consequences more than perhaps any other region,” Attorney General William Barr said in a statement.Prosecutors accused the medical professionals who were charged on Wednesday of conducting a wide range of schemes.Some involved small leagues of doctors and their office staffs, while in other cases, people acted alone, according to the indictments.Some doctors performed unneeded medical procedures to justify the pills they prescribed, prosecutors said, while others simply passed out prescriptions without going to the trouble of disguising their purpose.One of the doctors facing charges in Ohio had at one time prescribed more controlled substances than anyone else in the state, prosecutors said.A pharmacy in Dayton, Ohio, was accused of dispensing more than 1.75 million pills.And a doctor in Tennessee who called himself the “Rock Doc” was accused of prescribing hundreds of thousands of pills in exchange for sex.A doctor in Alabama, federal prosecutors said, “allegedly recruited prostitutes and other young women with whom he had sexual relationships” to become his patients, and allowed them to use illicit drugs at his home.In some cases, the quantity of drugs prescribed to the same patients at short intervals indicated that they could have been taking as many as 15 pills a day, prosecutors said.The charges announced Wednesday include unlawful distribution of controlled substances and conspiracy to obtain controlled substances by fraud.Prosecutors said that the charges could result in sentences of up to 50 years in prison.The indictments stem from four months of investigative work by the Appalachian Regional Prescription Opioid Task Force, a group of prosecutors, federal agents and data analysts that was created in December 2018 to find patterns suggesting that doctors were prescribing inordinately high numbers of pain pills, and then follow up with traditional law enforcement techniques, including the use of informants and undercover investigators.Cases like this have been prosecuted before, including a Justice Department operation in June that resulted in charges against 162 defendants, including 76 doctors, for fraudulently prescribing and distributing opioids.Those cases were handled within the larger health fraud unit at the Justice Department.The Appalachian task force is different, Benczkowski said, because it is exclusively concerned with corrupt medical professionals, and is “doing it in a region of the country that is probably the hardest hit.”The New York Times

North Korea wants Pompeo out of talks; Kremlin announces an April visit by Kim Jong Un

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 08:20

North Korea's Kim Jong Un oversaw testing of a new "tactical guided weapon," KCNA reported, a move that comes as talks with Donald Trump have soured.

Microsoft’s new Surface Hub 2 is $9,000, or you can turn any TV into a giant touchscreen for $272

Top Stories - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 08:17

The new Surface Hub 2 from Microsoft was announced well over a year ago, and now it finally has pricing and a release date. If you want one when it hits the street this coming June, you'll have to part with a whopping $9,000. The Surface Hub 2 is awesome, don't get us wrong, but is it really worth $9 grand even if you're spending your company's money? Whether you're working with your company's budget or your own, we've got another option for you that costs a minuscule fraction of the price of the new Surface Hub. It's called the Touchjet WAVE Virtual Touchscreen TV System, and it turns any TV up to 65 inches into a massive touchscreen in seconds. Definitely check it out -- especially right now while it's on sale!Here's some important info from the product page: * Please refer to the user manual for setup instructions. If there are issues, please contact Touchjet Customer Service at 415-579-3399 for assistance. * Virtual Touchscreen - Touchjet WAVE adds a virtual touchscreen onto flat screen TVs and display monitors up to 65" (smart TV is not required). * Simple Connection - Simply attach the WAVE to the top of your TV and plug the WAVE into your TV via HDMI. * Giant Tablet - The WAVE is preloaded with the Android OS, Wi-Fi and it comes preloaded with apps so that you can start enjoying right out of the box. * Work View / Class Time - Flip through your presentation directly on the big screen just like John King on cnn. * Streaming - Stream your favorite shows and movies on Netflix or your favorite streaming app without having to connect to other devices. * Support - Please download the Touchjet App onto your smart device (iOS and Android) for step-by-step instructions. * Connect, Collaborate, and Share - With WAVE, bring presentation and education apps, and connect individual tablets to the big touchscreen. An affordable alternative to IWB and giant tablets.

How to retain an Apple ID while switching your iCloud email address

Macworld - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 08:00

What if your iCloud.com address receives so much spam or other unwanted email that it’s useless to you and you want to abandon it? If it’s also your Apple ID account name, you might think you were out of luck. Apple doesn’t let you change an Apple ID’s email account login to any other address if it ends in icloud.com, mac.com, or me.com.

Apple does let you add email aliases that end in @icloud.com, but these aliases can only receive email. They can’t be converted into an Apple ID login.

However, iCloud.com’s Mail interface can let create a mail rule that can offer what you need while also preserving your Apple ID account. You simply push all incoming mail to the iCloud address you no longer want to use into the trash.

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