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Andrew Gillum Concedes Florida Gubernatorial Race To Ron DeSantis

Top Stories - 5 hours 30 min ago

Andrew Gillum, the Democratic mayor of Tallahassee running for governor of

Trump visits devastation of the deadly California wildfires

Top Stories - 7 hours 55 min ago

President Donald Trump arrived in Northern California on Saturday to see firsthand the grief and devastation from the deadliest U.S. wildfire in a century amid confusion over how many people remain unaccounted for.

Trump Calls Report That He's Questioning Pence Loyalty  ‘Phony’

Top Stories - 10 hours 48 min ago

“I can’t imagine any President having a better or closer relationship with their Vice President,” he said in a tweet Saturday. The New York Times report on Friday cited unidentified sources who said Trump was repeatedly asking aides and advisers about whether Pence was loyal. “The New York Times did a phony story, as usual, about my relationship with @VP Mike Pence.

Florida official Brenda Snipes: racism 'probably' a factor in attacks against me

Top Stories - 12 hours 41 min ago

A top elections official in Florida who endured national humiliation after missing a midterms recount deadline by two minutes has told the Guardian that racism is “probably” a factor in the backlash against her. Brenda Snipes, elections supervisor of Broward county, was condemned by Republicans and Democrats after failing to submit tallies in the US Senate race between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson on schedule.

78-year-old man in California claims he killed at least 90 people over four decades

Top Stories - 14 hours 22 min ago

A man now thought to be one of the most prolific serial killers in the US claims he killed as many as 90 people over four decades. Investigators have been able to close four unsolved murder cases because of the confessions of Samuel Little. The 78-year-old, also known as Samuel McDowell, was already serving a life sentence in California for three murders when he confessed to a Texas investigator.

Planning My Wedding Is Making Me Feel Like I've Stepped Back 50 Years

Top Stories - 14 hours 43 min ago

When I got engaged last year, I expected wedding planning to be fun, if a

Adopting Life: A Symposium

Top Stories - 16 hours 43 min ago

November is National Adoption Month and the Saturday before Thanksgiving National Adoption Day. Adopting and fostering children is a great public service and something that should be encouraged and incentivized in public policy and in law.

Eagle-eyed! Photographer captures stunning pictures of world's last remaining Mongolian eagle keepers

Top Stories - 17 hours 13 min ago

These stunning photographs of the world’s last remaining Mongolian eagle keepers show the incredible bond between man and bird. The images, taken last month by photography tour guide Daniel Kordan, 29, show a group of 10 eagle hunters traveling between West and South Mongolia and across the Gobi Desert. The hunters train eagles from an early age and look after the majestic birds until they reach the age of 12.

Facebook says steep rise in data requests from Indian gov't

Top Stories - 18 hours 47 min ago

NEW DELHI (AP) — Facebook says there was a steep rise in data requests from India's government in the first half of this year as compared to the previous two years.

Fire Deaths Rise To 71 With More Than 1,000 Missing

Top Stories - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 23:35

CHICO, Calif. (AP) -- With the confirmed death toll at 71 and the list of

Dem struggle over Pelosi bid, with no end game in sight

Top Stories - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 22:53

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats won the majority. Now they just need a speaker of the House.

Number of missing hard to peg in deadly California wildfire

Top Stories - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 22:06

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — More than 1,000 people are unaccounted for after a deadly Northern California wildfire, but authorities warned Friday that the roster is fluid and contains "raw data," including the names of people who are safe.

Honda Recalls 64,000 SUVs and Minivans for Brake Issue

Top Stories - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 19:15

Honda is recalling 64,785 SUVs and minivans because an improper coating on a brake component may lead to reduced braking performance, which raises the risk of a crash, according to the National H...

Trump says he 'easily' answered Russia probe questions

Top Stories - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 18:09

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump said he wrote the answers to the questions himself. "I'm sure they're tricked-up because, you know, they like to catch people," Trump said, referring to questions that he suggested could be designed to result in perjury charges. Now, the questions were very routinely answered by me." Mueller is investigating whether members of Trump's campaign conspired with Moscow in the 2016 election and whether Trump has unlawfully sought to obstruct the probe, which has clouded his presidency.

Stacey Abrams Acknowledges Loss In Georgia Governor's Race

Top Stories - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 17:44

In a speech to her supporters on Friday night, Democrat Stacey Abrams

North Korea tests new 'tactical' weapon, releases U.S. prisoner

Top Stories - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 17:40

Kim Jong Un's visit to the test site of what North Korea's state media called a "tactical weapon" that could protect North Korea like a "steel wall" threatened to sour the diplomatic atmosphere at a time when negotiations between North Korea and the United States appear to have stalled. "We remain confident that the promises made by President Trump and Chairman Kim will be fulfilled," a spokesman for the U.S. State Department said.

Does the new iPad Pro have a bending problem?

Macworld - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 17:38

Judging by a new YouTube video from JerryRigEverything, we’re supposedly on the verge of a new “Bendgate.” Holding the edges of the new 11-inch iPad Pro in the video, host Zack Nelson jams his thumbs into the back of the tablet, pulls, and—shock, I guess?—the $799+ tablet cracks and then folds together like a chapbook of college poetry. The bend specifically happens near the microphone hole, where the structural integrity would be weakest.

It’s definitely something we’ll keep an eye on, but I’m not really sure what other outcome people were expecting.

To be sure, it does feel structurally weaker than previous models. I’m holding my 12.9-inch model right now, and I can easily see how I could work the same magic if I handled it with the same violence. Maybe even more easily, since it’s a larger device and so offers more leverage.

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Stacey Abrams Ends Challenge Against Republican Brian Kemp for Georgia Governor

Top Stories - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 17:29

Abrams had hoped to become the first black governor of the Deep South state

Britain to push U.N. Security Council to back humanitarian truce in Yemen

Top Stories - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 16:57

British U.N. Ambassador Karen Pierce said she would give the 15-member council a draft resolution on Monday that would enshrine five requests made by U.N. aid chief Mark Lowcock, one of which was for a truce around infrastructure and facilities on which the aid operation and commercial importers rely. Pierce said the aim of the resolution would be to put Lowcock's call "into practice." She gave no timeline for when the draft resolution could be put to a vote. The remaining four requests were for protection of the supply of food and essential goods, a larger, faster injection of foreign exchange into the economy through the central bank, increased humanitarian funding and support, and for the warring parties to engage in peace talks.

Migrant caravan faces cold welcome, few options at US-Mexico border

Top Stories - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 16:53

After spending more than a month traveling the 4,300 kilometers (2,700 miles) to the Mexican border city of Tijuana, walking and hitch-hiking much of the way, thousands of migrants faced the bleak reality that their American dream was about as untouchable as it was when they started. Osman Bueso, a 28-year-old Honduran man who was one of the first to reach the border, said he had no intention of waiting the months or years it could take to seek asylum in the US, and was ready to try to crash the border, as the migrants did when they entered Mexico from Guatemala on October 19.


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